More About Me

My Story

From an early age, I have been exploring neighborhoods across the united states and around the world.  But, growing up, I spent many summers with my Grandma Bee tagging along in her baby blue cadillac and watching her life as a realtor.  She was a pioneer as a business woman, but what I remember the most was her compassion for her clients. 

Grandma Bee grew up during the depression and had a deep understanding for what home means to people.  From small homes to large farms with tons of acreage, she helped people find their place in the world.  It was beautiful to watch. 

Of course, real estate has changed a lot, but her level of attention to clients and her brand of high touch service are still very much in style today.  As we like to say at Windermere, I am "all in for you" and anything less is simply not acceptable to me or my Grandma Bee.  

My Commitment to Community

Home is where the heart is and community is where life happens! It takes everyone pitching in to make a community vibrant, welcoming, and sustainable for all. 

Giving back is part of the norm in our family. We volunteer our time and make financial contributions to a number of local organizations in support of public education, feeding the hungry, providing shelter, and the arts.